The start of the Sim

By | June 18, 2018

So for a little while I have been thinking about hardware when it comes to Flight Simulators. After playing around and getting to know both the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737 I decided that the Airbus was more my thing, it just felt like a nicer plane to fly and a little more modern inside. From the moment I started using flight simulators top of my priority list was a MCDU (Or FMC if flying a Boeing).

I don’t claim to be an aircraft specialist or worked within the Aerospace industry, however my father has been involved with the maintenance side of things since he left school. With his many years around Airbus and Boeing it’s nice to have someone that has actually worked on these planes to be able to ask some of the more technical questions on how the aircraft work.

When looking around at software to run the simulators I already knew of Flight Simulator X, however after doing some research I found 2 that stood out to me. P3D made by Lockheed Martin and X-Plane made by Laminar Research. Initially I did go with the P3D option and used the FSLabs A320, I used this plane for a good half a year, it was only when I started looking into the hardware side of things I realised the developers haven’t yet given us the ability to access the SDK meaning I wouldn’t be able to use any external hardware with the plane (They have said there is going to be a version called “The Home Cockpit” allowing use of the SDK, but it has been on the cards for a while and doesn’t look as though it is due for release anytime soon) So I started looking at X-Plane, I had seen a lot of people online complimenting how good X-Plane looked out the box without any additional scenery etc. I found the Flight Factor A320 Ultimate that is known for being able to interact with external hardware so this seemed like the way to go.

Although the FF A320 isn’t as complete as the FSLabs version it does look promising and is not too far from a complete package. I should also note that the FF A320 is also still in beta stages so is stable but like I say, not complete.

So with that the I am now looking into a MCDU!

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